Digital Typography


Branding, Logo Design, Typography Research, UI/UX design 


InDesign, Illustrator, Brackets, HTML/CSS, JavaScript


September - November 2018

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Project Objectives

GRC 318: a Graphic Communication course studying the application of typography, and font management. In-depth study of communication principles + visual organization. 

Project 1

—technical paper


Born in New Jersey, I've always held an affinity to the East Coast and neighboring New York. New York is held together by a complex network of trains, which transports 5+ million New Yorkers daily. How do we bring order out of chaos? Typography plays a unlikely role in unifying the New York City subway system, which is why I chose this article, designed with Helvetica: the official font of the MTA, for my technical paper. This technical paper showcases the use of grids, visual organization, and imagery using design reproduction technology like InDesign.

The full article can be read here.

project 2


Our next project was to create a visual brand for ourselves. I first began my design process by asking myself, "How do I capture the essence of my personality and creativity through type, color, lines, shapes, etc.?" Minimalism and subtlety is a key component of both my lifestyle and design principles. Less is more.


project 3

—personal website

A key component of design is consistency. With our next task, coding our own personal one-page website, I wanted to keep the same minimalist, playful design and color evident in my brand and tech paper. Our specs were to include our resume, portfolio link, linkedin, email, and a quote of our choosing.

You can view this site here.

JC Website.png