Travel Sketches


August - December 2018


Sakura Koi Portable Watercolors, Micron 03 0.35mm


Nice, France | Barcelona, Spain | Chamonix, France | Venice, Italy | Italian Dolomites | Mont Blanc, France/Italy | Courmayeur, Italy | Lake Como, Italy | Lugano, Switzerland | London, United Kingdom | Cinque Terre, Italy | Brussels, Belgium | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Project Objectives

During the fall semester of 2018, I lived abroad in Torino, Italy for 4 months, taking courses at the University of Torino. As a way to document the places I traveled to in Europe, I decided to bring along my sketchbook and illustrate some of my favorite cities while I was there. I’ve found that sketching in a place connects me to my environment in new and unfound ways. My appreciation for our world emerges when I sit down and attempt to recreate the beauty and energy of a new city through ink and watercolor.

Sketching is an analog tool of representation. I find that I can demonstrate my ideas that words can’t describe, and preserving these moments of transit.

Florence, Italy
London, UK