Project Mars

The Project Mars Competition is an international art and film competition created in collaboration between NASA and SciArt Exchange. Participants creatively communicate science + technology with multimedia artwork, promoting innovation and engaging society in the future of space exploration. We had an opportunity to learn about NASA’s deep space exploration efforts including the agency’s Orion spacecraft, Space Launch System rocket and Gateway planned near the moon, and create a vision of what NASA’s leadership in deep space would look like. Film and poster submissions envisioned NASA missions and what astronauts might see, feel, and experience on those missions.

I was a finalist out of 570+ entries internationally and my work can be viewed among the other winners at


Concept Design + Execution, Digital Illustration


Pen + Paper, Wacom Intuos, Illustrator


30+ hours in 2 weeks


statement of originality

First Ascent of Olympus Mons

Exploration is an essential part of human nature. It’s a trait that distinctly separates humans from all other species, and is the driving force that compels us to venture into the unknown. As a mountaineer, world explorer, and space enthusiast, I’ve discovered that the progression of humanity is purely the effect of humans acting on the spirit of curiosity, despite failure and defeat. The intention of creating art is to inspire action. My motivation for highlighting mountaineering as a form of interplanetary exploration is to provoke a sense of wonder and curiosity through visual design, tell a story about how humans seek to better understand the worlds we inhabit, and show how modern technologies enable us to get there.

Art brings humanity together because it is the individual expression of an universal human experience. The social, political, and environmental challenges that lie ahead towards preserving and expanding our humanity are daunting, and is why we should seize the opportunity to creatively engage the public. By researching the situation, finding a theme that embodies core values and then represent it through various mediums of expression—whether it’s through filmmaking, graphic design, or another creative discipline, art provides an opportunity to bring a topic to the forefront of public discourse. As a creative student, I aim to integrate what I love into my work. With Project Mars, I’m able to tell a captivating story in the age of diminished attention spans, create work that evokes a yearning for adventure, and inspire others to learn about interplanetary exploration, extraterrestrial life, and scientific advancements. Space exploration presented in a digestible and engaging form of graphic communication is an effective way to inspire youth about learning and contributing to our future of humanity.

The SLS and Orion represents how advanced our civilization has evolved and progressed, and what our future will hold. Olympus Mons is the essence of human adventure and exploration. Humans with the drive to explore push our civilization to new frontiers and this poster conveys an illustrated visualization of what an expedition on Mars may look like. The SLS and Orion is what will allow these incredible feats for new world explorers to conquer: inhabiting Mars, building a Martian community, ascending Olympus Mons and other volcanoes, being the first extraterrestrial mountaineering team, and expanding our understanding of different worlds and our place within it all.




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