Channel Islands Restoration

Senior Project at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo



Art Director, Designer, Researcher, Video Editor


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Team Communication, Time Management, Branding


9 weeks


Jamie Chin

Tanner Yould, Mentor and Outreach Coordinator at Channel Islands Restoration



For my senior project, I want to investigate how design and media can play a role in effectively communicating science to the public and amplify environmental non-profits. I’m partnering with Channel Islands Restoration, a non-profit that works to restore habitat on the Channel Islands and adjacent mainland through invasive plant management, native plant propagation, and native plant installation. They work to promote environmental education on the Central Coast, conduct research, and monitor programs to identify and inform further habitat restoration efforts. 

The materials I will produce will bring more awareness to the environmental community in addition to the thousands of volunteers that actively partner with them. It will also attract more volunteers to keep Channel Islands Restoration running and continue protecting native habitats along the central coast of California.

Project Goals

  1. Research the impact of environmental education and science communication to the public. Analyze how digital media plays a role in amplifying organizations and building public understanding around a topic.

  2. Demonstrate skills in design production and visual communication by creating logos for three environmental restoration projects: San Nicolas Island, Los Padres Backcountry, San Marcos Foothills.

  3. Learn how to write an effective video script. Build Channel Island Restoration’s online video presence by creating an educational video that informs the public about tamarisk in the Los Padres Backcountry and what CIR volunteers do to help protect valuable landscapes.

The following is my final process book I created to document my senior project from start to finish. Feel free to explore through it!